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The Go-To Platform For Unlimited Book & Audiobook Reviews On Amazon & Audible.


Tired of chasing up ARC readers? Bookbite takes the hassle out of obtaining credible book and audiobook reviews. Focus on selling your book while we handle the rest!


Bookbite makes it super simple for authors to upload their books and audiobooks onto the platform. We accept all submissions within 24 hours of submission.

Once you upload your first book or audiobook, adding more is a breeze!

Your entire catalogue of books and audiobooks will be in one organized dashboard, and you will have access to in-progress reviews and past reviews.


Support your fellow author by reading and reviewing one of their books that interests you.

Users interested in reading or listening to a book or audiobook in our library and reviewing it are required to complete a short form consisting of a few open-ended questions.

We incorporated a 'request to review' functionality to avoid spammy reviews and to encourage positive, accurate, and constructive feedback from avid readers in your niche.

Authors are notified whenever they receive an anonymous request to review and have 24 hours to either accept or decline. Only accept requests from readers or listeners who you believe are truly interested in your book or audiobook.


Once an author accepts your request to review their book or audiobook, you will read or listen to it and submit a review within the time indicated.

Every book or audiobook you review earns you coins. These coins can be utilized to find readers and listeners for your books and audiobooks.

The proportion of books you read to the reviews you receive is fair and equal. For example, to get five reviews for your book, read and review five books with a similar word count to yours.


Once you accumulate enough coins, you can use them to find reviewers for your book or audiobook.

In the same way that you must request to review other authors' books and audiobooks, readers and listeners interested in your book or audiobook are also required to request to review them. You also have 24 hours to either accept or decline their request.

By implementing this feature into our platform, we hope that it will play a role in eradicating bogus, spammy, and inaccurate book reviews from Amazon, as it gives authors an opportunity to properly vet out readers.

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