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A premium SaaS ecosystem that provides a List of the best SaaS products, Guides, Blogs, and Podcasts. You can also use our Staff Augmentation Services To create a superstar team to make the next SaaS success story.

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We welcome you to We Want SaaS, your go-to SaaS platform for product discovery, top talent access, and complete SaaS resources. Whether you are a SaaS provider searching for better visibility of your SaaS product or a business owner looking for a 360° SaaS team, you will find everything you need here. We are a team on a mission to make your SaaS business stand out in the market by equipping it with the best IT professionals, connections, and modern-day SaaS resources. Let us introduce you to an ecosystem where SaaS products not only get listed and rated but also find the right network and support to come to life!

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Get Your SaaS Through Staff Augmentation

At We Want SaaS, we prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and the transformational growth of their SaaS businesses through exceptional customer support. Our team works quickly to not just deliver the best SaaS resources and talent to you but also responsibly handle your SaaS projects from start to finish.

Personalized Talent

Get connected to the most talented SaaS experts – from designers and developers to marketers and managers – all handpicked by our certified HR personnel.

Pre-Vetted Database

The experts needed for your team will be chosen by our HR staff from our verified, high-quality database to provide you with a fully secure talent-matching experience.

Education Resources

Get unlimited access to detailed tutorials, top-tier guides, informative blogs, and other premium SaaS education resources to stay competitive in your respective industry.

Extended Services

Our determination to grow your SaaS brand doesn’t end at the post-deployment stage. We will conduct audits to help you launch an excellent product into the market.

Project Management

We understand how hectic it can be to manage IT projects, which is why our project manager will do everything for you and send you regular progress reports to keep you informed.

Marketing Strategy

Let your SaaS products be discovered by your targeted audience and give your SaaS business a competitive edge in the industry with supreme marketing assistance.

Latest Blogs


SaaS Digital Marketing

We will find the right digital marketing experts to work on different online facets of your business – from social media to PPC ad management.


SaaS Software Development

From website design and development to complex app creation, your SaaS software development team will deliver exactly what you need.


SaaS Product Design

We will find the right SaaS product design experts for your business – so you can connect better to your target audience via user-friendly solutions.


SaaS Sales

Looking to make sales on your web-based software? Your assigned SaaS sales team will help your in-house team achieve that goal without hurdles.

Latest Guides For Download

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    Mastering SaaS Email Marketing From Personalization to Profit
    Our guide will help you understand the basics of SaaS Email Marketing. Learn how to segment, personalize, and automate your email marketing campaigns in order to convert and engage your audience. This guide provides actionable insight for SaaS companies looking to improve their email marketing and build long-term relationships with customers.
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    Comprehensive Guide to Building a Micro SaaS Business
    Discover how to build and grow a successful Micro SaaS business with our comprehensive guide. From niche identification to legal considerations and long-term sustainability, learn the key steps and strategies to navigate every phase of your entrepreneurial journey.
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    A Comprehensive Guide to the SaaS Business Model
    Get acquainted with all aspects of SaaS with our comprehensive guide! From understanding its fundamentals to exploring advanced strategies, this book covers everything. Discover its advantages and challenges; study key metrics and revenue models; devise marketing plans to propel your product; discover case studies of successful SaaS companies; gain insights into future trends.
What Our Clients Say About Us

Partnering with WeWantSaaS for our product marketing was a game-changer. Their team's deep understanding of the SaaS landscape transformed our strategy, driving significant market engagement. Their data-driven approach resulted in targeted, effective campaigns, markedly boosting our lead generation and conversion rates. The innovative use of SEO, content marketing, and social media set them apart. WeWantSaaS doesn't just market your product; they elevate it to new heights. For any SaaS business aiming to make a real impact, WeWantSaaS is the go-to expert. Their strategic and creative prowess is truly unmatched.

Tahem Verma

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Talha & his team on a SaaS project, and it was an absolute game-changer for our company. Their expertise in modern development frameworks and languages, particularly in MERN stack, was evident in the robust and scalable features they implemented. What impressed me most was their commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding our expectations.I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking top-tier SaaS development services

Natalie Spencer

I recently had the pleasure of working with Talha & his team on a critical SaaS project, and I must say, the experience exceeded all my expectations. Their technical acumen, especially in Laravel & ReactJS was outstanding. They not only delivered high-quality code but also brought innovative solutions to complex problems. Their ability to stay ahead of emerging trends and apply them effectively in our project was a game-changer. Communication was seamless, and deadlines were met with impeccable precision. I highly recommend WEWANTSAAS to any business looking to elevate their SaaS Development Game

Mohaned Sleman

Working with WeWantSaaS was a transformative experience for our SaaS product. Their deep understanding of the SaaS market landscape and the unique challenges it presents was evident in every strategy they implemented. The marketing campaigns were not only creative but also data-driven, resulting in significant user engagement and conversion rate improvements. Rayan expertise in SEO & PPC are highly recommended

Irha Saleh

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates We Want SaaS from traditional agencies or freelance platforms?
What makes us different from traditional talent agencies and freelance platforms are our offerings. We offer our clients a complete SaaS package: Access to the best talent, helpful SaaS resources, efficient team management, and much more, under one roof. Every service we offer is carefully tailored to meet the needs of each SaaS client we work with.
How do I hire talent through We Want SaaS?
All you have to do to start your talent-hiring journey with We Want SaaS is get in touch with our team. We will send you a brief job requirement form to fill out, after which you can directly communicate with our HR person. Our HR expert will match you with relevant profiles based on the answers in your submitted requirement form. You can then choose from those profiles and voilà! Your team will be ready in no time.
Would I be able to access resources on SaaS development and marketing through the We Want SaaS platform?
Absolutely! The We Want SaaS team will go out of its way to make sure that you have access to the latest SaaS resources you need to develop your SaaS company in the most productive way possible.