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SaaS Staff Augmentation

At We Want SaaS, we help SaaS companies acquire the personalised talent they need for their projects with our 360° nearshore SaaS staff augmentation solutions. We Want SaaS is more than just another agency; we go above and beyond mere freelance assistance. This is where emerging SaaS products and brands are listed and pushed into the digital media spotlight. We make SaaS dreams happen in the real world – We are We Want SaaS.

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What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is basically a procedure that allows businesses to complement the skillsets of their in-house team members. In other words, staff augmentation is a way for businesses to hire professionals to collaborate with their in-house teams and get projects done fast.

We Want SaaS makes staff augmentation solutions easily available for SaaS companies, so they can get the difficult tasks out of the way and satisfy their clients without breaking the bank.

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Our Services

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Short-Term Nearshore SaaS Staff Augmentation

We Want SaaS provides short-term nearshore SaaS staff augmentation services for businesses requiring assistance with smaller projects that need to be delivered fast. This service is ideal for clients looking for help with projects that have to be launched within 1 to 11 months.

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Long-Term Long-Term Nearshore SaaS Staff Augmentation

If your SaaS business requires assistance with a bigger, more detailed, and ongoing project that needs to be completed and delivered within 12-24 months or even later than this time period, then our long-term nearshore SaaS staff augmentation service is perfect for you.

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Why Choose Us?

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Provision of a Pre-vetted team

We Want SaaS bridges the gap between SaaS businesses and pre-vetted teams that have the necessary skill sets to make them shine. Think of We Want SaaS as an authentic source to directly get in contact with an HR expert who will carefully build a customised, cohesive team for you that shares your SaaS brand’s vision.

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Deployment within 72-92 hours

In the business race, you have to produce quickly, while maintaining supreme quality. We fully understand this, and for this reason, our HR professionals and project managers work extremely fast to create as well as deploy your team within only 72 to 92 hours of contacting We Want SaaS.

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Hire an Experienced SaaSy Team

At We Want SaaS, our clients are provided with only the best of the best. Our HR experts use a high-quality database to hand-select team members for your staff augmentation. We greatly value the importance of hard work, skill, and experience, which is why every single individual in our database matches these requirements.

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No Long-Term Commitment Needed

We Want SaaS knows the importance of your time and convenience. With our staff augmentation services, there are no strings attached – your team can be provided to you on-demand, whenever needed, for whatever time period. So, at We Want SaaS, we welcome you to say goodbye to feeling bound by lengthy contracts.

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Pay per hour only – Weekly or Monthly

Our dedication to your convenience and transparency also extends to the billing practices we utilise. Our project managers will track your team’s working hours, and you will only be charged for that specific time period, either weekly or monthly, based on your preference. We are always honest and clear about our charges upfront.


SaaS Digital Marketing

We will find the right digital marketing experts to work on different online facets of your business – from social media to PPC ad management.


SaaS Software Development

From website design and development to complex app creation, your SaaS software development team will deliver exactly what you need.


SaaS Product Design

We will find the right SaaS product design experts for your business – so you can connect better to your target audience via user-friendly solutions.


SaaS Sales

Looking to make sales on your web-based software? Your assigned SaaS sales team will help your in-house team achieve that goal without hurdles.

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Let Us Connect Your Brand to Profitable Talent

Get in touch with a We Want SaaS representative today.

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Looking To Hire A Specific Talent?

Front End Engineers

We will curate a team of front-end engineers for your company so you can provide a seamless user experience to your customers.

tailwind-css Tailwind

Backend Engineers

Your augmented team of skilled back-end engineers will handle the server side of your company’s web applications.

Ruby on Rails

QA Engineers

Your QA Engineers team will perform the essential quality control checks before every application launch.

security Security Testing
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Functional Testing
Performance Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Automated Testing

Project Managers

Complete your business team with responsible project managers who will take your important tasks from start to finish smoothly.

Requirement Engineering
Risk Analysis
Manage Team
Deliver Sprints

Full Stack Engineers

Your team of full-stack Engineers will be committed to maintaining the front-end and back-end of your software applications.

Ruby on Rails
file_type_django Django

Devops Engineers

Leave all the complicated coding, scripting, and software integration tasks to your talented team of DevOps Engineers.

Google Cloud
Amazon ECS
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Empower Your SaaS Business with the Right Curated Team

Get empowered. Contact us now.

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Our Process

Fill Out A Simple Form

You will be connected to one of our HR experts after filling out a short and easy job requirement form.

Building You A Team

Your HR partner will look into our database and send you profiles according to the filled-out form. You will select the profile that best matches your needs.

Initiation & Management

Once your team has been created, a project manager will step in to coordinate everything and regularly send you comprehensive progress reports.

Post-Deployment Services

Our team will conduct a thorough audit of your product post-deployment and critically evaluate whether it’s fit for market launch.

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Advantages Of Staff Augmentation For SaaS Companies?

The flexibility and quality of work have made Staff Augmentation a popular hiring choice among leading SaaS companies worldwide. Some of the reasons for its fame are mentioned below.

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Pay As You Work

Hire highly skilled and relevant talent when required and for a specific time to fit your organizational needs.

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Cost Effective

Hiring a skilled individual for a specific time is more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house team.

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An Immediate Remedy

Ideal For Start-ups that due to lack of budget and time need a high-quality, immediate, and cost-effective solution.

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Source Talent From Abroad

Staff Augmentation enables organizations to source highly talented individuals even if they live abroad.

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Hire Ready-to-Work Talent

Save the cost of training the employees by hiring experienced individuals with a proven track record.

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Fast Recruitment

With access to already vetted talent you can hire a suitable candidate in almost no time and get them working on the project straightaway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is included in the Staff Augmentation service offered by We Want SaaS?
Our Staff Augmentation service bridges the gap between SaaS businesses and highly qualified professionals in the development, design, and marketing spaces. This empowers SaaS businesses to consistently scale and grow without the overbearing costs.
How does your Staff Augmentation service work?
The first step of our staff augmentation service is to request clients to fill out an easy job requirement form. Once that’s filled, our HR personnel will match you with the most suitable experts from our authorized database.
What type of experts can We Want SaaS connect me with?
Our team works hard to connect SaaS businesses with a wide variety of SaaS talent, including UI/UX designers, software developers, digital marketers, sales experts, etc.
Can I hire talent for both short-term and long-term projects?
Of course! Your Staff Augmentation service can be customized to suit either your short-term or long-term project needs and goals.
How does We Want SaaS ensure expert authenticity?
We test and verify each professional profile before adding it to our database. We make sure that every single profile that we have in our network has the necessary experience and skill set to serve in the SaaS industry.
What if I’m not satisfied with the talent that I am provided with?
Our main priority is your satisfaction. So, if for any reason, you find yourself unhappy with your provided expert, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find someone more suitable to work on your task.