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What exactly does ProtonMail do?

Although ProtonMail has been around since 2013, its use in mass media only recently became evident. CERN scientist Max Schrems created ProtonMail after reading Edward Snowden's memoirs concerning NSA surveillance.

ProtonMail, a German firm behind ProtonMail has received over $1 Million of investment through Y Combinator and has since made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange last year. ProtonMail CEO Andy Yen previously of Google X where he worked on projects such as Project Loon and Self Driving Cars made waves throughout Silicon Valley when he announced plans for a Privacy-centric Alternative to Gmail.

What exactly is ProtonMail and why should we sign up with them? Are security concerns relevant for an early stage startup like ProtonMail? In this article we aim to answer these questions as well as provide information as to whether ProtonMail could replace Gmail.

What are the reasons to use ProtonMail?

One key element when selecting an email platform that suits our needs is trust. Since being subject to security breaches online -- most recently with Hotmail -- has taught me to be wary about businesses that rely on my personal data for profit. With that being said, why would someone choose ProtonMail over other popular options such as Google Apps, Microsoft 365 and Office 365?

ProtonMail does not rely solely on its users for its security; instead, it stores only secure versions of files so they cannot be accessed without jeopardizing its server.

ProtonMail employs multiple layers of security against snooping. HTTPS protects all communications on its website against being intercepted and two-factor authentication safeguards individual accounts further. To gain entry to your mailbox, you must enter both a password and some hidden information only you know of in order to gain entry. Furthermore, emails stored within any given mailboxes are encrypted before being stored therein. ProtonMail servers are located outside mainland China, so should the Chinese government decide to shut down websites like those of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, Pinterest and others like them, such as this recently occurred with them, you will still have access to your accounts even when their censors decide to close them down.

ProtonMail boasts a vast array of features, ranging from basic such as searchable mailboxes, advanced filtering options, IMAP support, POP3 support and unlimited accounts per domain name to IMAP assistance and POP3 support - as well as being compatible with iOS and Android devices for easy use. However, this service wasn't included amongst GMail's 100 best alternatives, for various reasons.

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